Deprecated since version 0.1.5: Projects that wish to continue using this integration should vendor the lorikeet.extras.starshipit package within their own projects; it will be removed from Lorikeet before version 1.0 is released.

This integration posts orders to StarShipIT, a cloud-based fulfilment software provider.


  1. Make sure Lorikeet is installed with the starshipit extra, by running pip install[starshipit].
  2. Add 'lorikeet.extras.starshipit' to your INSTALLED_APPS.
  3. Set the STARSHIPIT_API_KEY variable in to your StarShipIT API key.
  4. Configure your site to call lorikeet.extras.starshipit.submit.submit_orders() periodically (using e.g. a management command, django-cron or Celery Beat). If you’re using Celery, there’s a task at lorikeet.extras.starshipit.tasks.submit_orders that you can add to your CELERYBEAT_SCHEDULE.


To work with StarShipIT, all of your cart item and delivery address models should implement a .starshipit_repr() method. These methods should return a dictionary with keys expected by StarShipIT’s Create Order API endpoint: the ShipmentItem parameters for a cart item, and DestinationDetails for a delivery address.

If you can’t do this (for instance, you have cart items or delivery addresses provided by a third-party package), create a STARSHIPIT_REPR setting in your This setting should be a dictionary where the keys are cart item or delivery address model names, and the values are functions that take an instance of that model and return the appropriate value.